Friday, July 30, 2010

Picnics and Ponies

On Sunday morning we headed out to a picnic for the province that Allan's dad grew up in. We got there just before 11 thinking we would hang out for a bit, eat and then leave for nap time -wrong!
This is about 30 minutes before the food got there well past 12:30. By then Logan was hungry and overly tired -not a good mix for a toddler. We just left thinking we would pick something up on the way home but two minutes into the car ride the screaming stopped and Logan was asleep.
After his nap it was off to Hannah and Jacob's birthday party!
Logan's firt pony ride...
In the barn
Totally freaked me out...

Cake time!

After all the kids were gone, Logan and this little girl were still sitting there eatting cupcakes.

Baby X's first time at the petting zoo

"Mommy kisses" for Lola Sr.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How much can our family fit into one Saturday?

Logan moved up a height level at Wonderland! Look!
Huge fish
First time down the water slide this season
Getting wet in the splash park
At the wave pool
A quick snack before lunch and before it started to rain

After nap we went to Ate Jenn's for her birthday dinner -the cousins were there!
Looking at worms
Yum -corn!
Playing "Just dance"

And we ended the night with a visit to Lolo and Lola's house with the cousins!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Logan and Mr. DressUp

On the weekend we went to the library -one of the things we picked up was a Mr Dressup DVD.
Several generations of Canadian children grew up watching Mr. Dressup and his sidekicks Finnegan and Casey. I was one of tho use kids -when I was small my dad took me to see a live performance of his and in High School I sent him a little letter and he wrote back with a really sweet long letter and a couple of "Mr Dressup" gifts .
We brought the DVD home and I didn't think Logan would care much for this classic show but he loves it! In the DVD Mr Dressup makes a collage out of junk that Casey finds under his bed and around his tree house. Logan and I collected things around the house and make our own collage along with the DVD one night
"That's Grandpa. Casey is Logan. Barkey is Finnegan"
Ahh, so this may be why he likes it so much!

Logan and Barkey with the finished collage!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Sunday we took cousin K for his first skateboarding lesson at The Rail skate park.

"Peace out!"

Break dancing

K putting on his new sticker Logan pretending to skateboard

Best Buddies!

What a fun day!
"I'm so happy. I love you, cousin!"

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