Friday, July 30, 2010

Picnics and Ponies

On Sunday morning we headed out to a picnic for the province that Allan's dad grew up in. We got there just before 11 thinking we would hang out for a bit, eat and then leave for nap time -wrong!
This is about 30 minutes before the food got there well past 12:30. By then Logan was hungry and overly tired -not a good mix for a toddler. We just left thinking we would pick something up on the way home but two minutes into the car ride the screaming stopped and Logan was asleep.
After his nap it was off to Hannah and Jacob's birthday party!
Logan's firt pony ride...
In the barn
Totally freaked me out...

Cake time!

After all the kids were gone, Logan and this little girl were still sitting there eatting cupcakes.

Baby X's first time at the petting zoo

"Mommy kisses" for Lola Sr.

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