Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long Weekend Vacation

This August long weekend we headed out to Niagara Falls. Grandma and Grandpa came with us and we met up with Lolo, Lola, Auntie, Uncle and the crazy cousins there!
"Look Barky, water! Sailboats!" Although he missed his regular afternoon nap because he was excited in the car, he sure had enough energy to have fun at the water park attached to the hotel with his cousins.
Logan was really good -he played well with the other kids and waited his turn.

By the end of the night, Logan was going down the water slides by himself

Four crazy monkeys At the park on Sunday morning
Logan showing Grandma how to get to the top
Lunch time!
Monday stroll and Logan's first taste of a candy apple
Mandatory Falls pictures...

Logan made friends with a bear just his size
Going on a treasure hunt around the hotel --we had to find things like what animal with big teeth was in the restaurant, how many mirrors there were in the lobby, and how many steps to the spa."Who is that, Mommy? Where's his shirt?"
Logan gets a green fish at the end as a prize for finishing the treasure hunt!
Playing games with Grandpa
Logan checking out the prize tickets!

"Ice cream for sale! Want some, Mommy?"

Grandpa counting the tickets we won and we only spent two bucks on tokens! We were that good -plus we found two tokens on the ground and a machine spit out three tokens at us.

Logan showing off his prizes he won: a animal sticker and an orange spider.

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