Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lolo Oscar and Lola Adre's Party

On Saturday we celebrated Lolo Oscar's and Lola Andre's 50th Wedding Anniversary! Logan was stellar in his behaviour...
His cousins kept him busy and there was a lot of clapping too!

Logan had swimming class in the morning and they are teaching him to put his face in the water and blow out....Logan has discovered this can be a fun party trick too!

Each of the grandkids gave speeches too, which was really nice.

Hunter and Max:
Mathew and Lauren:
Justin and Jessie:
And the first one on the dance floor was Logan! He loved watching the live band and the disco ball!

Logan was in good form way past his 7:30 bedtime. Around 9:30pm he took an hour nap and then didn't sleep until he was home in the crib around midnight.

1 comment:

amiablerain said...

Hes adorable
Beautiful family

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