Sunday, July 11, 2010

Daddy's Birthday BBQ

We had a BBQ for Daddy's 35th birthday at our house ---and even Logan got a gift! Thanks Zia Sarah! Lots and lots of food and cheese cake!
Mommy and Grandma made this --cute, eh? LOL
Happy 21st Auntie Steph!
Happy 35th Daddy!
Logan got the piece with spit on it :)

Thanks for babysitting me this week, Grandma and Grandpa.
You make me so happy!
Uncle Justin checking if the store has take-out
Caprii and Hannah setting up a store display
Logan showing off his new blinking shirt from Auntie Mylene
Logan and Godparents
Getting the dance party started in the backyard

Giving the kids glow sticks

The U family "serious face" is all in the eyebrows
Fun in the basement
Jessie and Caprii built a fort. They had a hard time trying to get Logan to go under the blankets instead of on top

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