Thursday, February 3, 2011

Challenge: Go to the market for just one thing

So I'm no longer a Rookie Mom but I'm doing their challenges -this one is go to grocery store for just one thing. I've been wondering how to do this with a newborn in a car seat as I only went with Logan once he could sit in the grocery cart and it's too cold to put the baby in and out of a carrier in the parking lot. Going to the store for just one thing took the pressure off of me and I figured the worst that could happen is that I carry in the car seat, grab something and leave. Ready to brave the cold and go!
And why didn't anyone tell me this is the best way to carry a car seat? I was trying to hold the handle in my hand; resulting it in feeling heavy, it banging on my legs and me walking kind of lopsided. Pop the car seat handle over your arm like this and it's a breeze. Why didn't I know this before?
Tip: The parking spots by the entrance designated for those with kids are great but not so much if you have a cart. I always park beside the cart return so you can put the child safely in the car, unload, get rid of the cart and go. If you park close to the store but then have to walk across the parking lot to the cart return and back to your car with your kid, then that spot isn't so great.
I wasn't comfortable about putting the car seat on the top toddler seat so I was wondering if it was going to fit into the basket---I was happy to find out that it fits perfectly into the bottom basket spot! This grocery store has the toddler seat and little basket up top and then the full sized basket below with a lower edge around it. The edge around the bottom basket is high enough to keep the car seat secure and safe but low enough that I won't hurt myself trying to lug the car seat up and out of it.
It went so well that I ended up getting more than one thing! Grocery shopping with Kalia is do-able! Phew! Good to know!

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