Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday Fun

Kalia is huge. Here she is wearing the jumper that Logan wore when he was three months old --she's not even two months yet! She's moved on to wearing the 3-6 months sizes now.

On Friday, Logan's daycare was closed so Allan took the day off so we could have some fun together! We went to bookstore and Logan picked out three books -a Yo Gabba Gabba book, the classic Green Eggs and Ham, and a book Allan and I both remember: Corduroy. He was being so good that day I also got him Justin Bieber trading cards that they had at the cash ---this kid is everywhere!

We had a nice Vietnamese lunch out to celebrate my journal article being the fifth most accessed article in the last 30 days for the journal it was published in! When ever we go for Pho's we also use it as an opportunity to talk about his Auntie, Uncle and cousin.
"Logan, where does Uncle Kyle, Auntie Thao and Katie live?"
"Where does Logan live?"
After nap we went to the Science Centre, where we attended a "science class" for those three and under.
After circle time there were three activity tables to go to. Logan really enjoyed making art with Jello.
Most kids just hesitantly touched it a few times but Logan dived right in!

The water area was once again a big hit too!

The Science Centre is closing -time to go home!

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