Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Day Bunch Dance Party

We were all very excited to hear that Bunch was hosting another Family Dance Party. Logan loved the last one we went to at the Government nightclub and was excited to out dancing again. With big shoes to fill, Logan does his B-Boy pose as we get ready to leave.
This one was held at the North York city hall for Family Day.
In the mini skateboard park trying out a ramp
Graffiti time with some black lights
Back to the dance floor!
We took a break from dancing and went to the craft area --we made a monster face which the Bunch crew attached to a stick to make a puppet. Logan LOVED it. So much that he refused to let go of it. He spent the rest of his time there holding it while playing games and dancing. He actually fell asleep in the car ride home still holding onto it.

Mayor Rob Ford make a quick appearance. When he came into the room, the kids rushed him! Quickly determining that he was not Santa and not handing out candy, they went back to dancing. :D

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