Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Day With Mommy

They were calling for a huge storm to hit us, so I thought it would be nice to keep Logan home from school and have a "Special Day with Mommy" Since it was a Special Day, everything we did I just took it up a notch. Logan wanted to play with his zoo animals...
Once he was done with that I got some of his animal books so he could match them to the pictures and make the book 3-D! Wow! This was pretty awesome for a toddler!

The lying down for a picture was pretty neat for him too LOL
Since we were talking about the animals, where they lived and what sounds they make --why not be an animal? Here's Logan in a Halloween costume.
Logan can say his ABC's but I'm working on getting him to recognize the letters when he sees them and to spell. So we played some games where we would call out a letter and then both run to that letter and stand on it. Logan is pretty competitive! We also collected the letters to spell his name out.
Craft time! Logan putting every single sticker on a paper for Kalia We then did a Quatchi craft...which involved putting Quatchi stickers on paper and then attaching the paper with ribbon to a coat hanger to make a mobile. Logan really liked cutting the ribbon and was really good at it. So since this was Special Day, I rolled with that and got him to cut up as much ribbon as he wanted. I used the "magic bottle" idea from Bloesem Kids and put all the bits of ribbon he cut into a plastic bottle. Logan got to use a measuring cup at the sink and fill up the bottle. Once it was full I tightened the lid and Logan had "snow in a bottle" to shake
Reading books to Kali

Logan got to even make lunch! We did a "ready to eat" canned soup so he helped with the can opener, poured it into a glass bowl and pressed the numbers on the microwave. He also put margarine on bread for us. Not the most fabulous lunch but he was so happy that he got to make it all.
Nap time on a special day with Mommy? Nope. Instead we brought up the "special matt" AKA the futon mattress from downstairs. We cuddled, watched the Chipmunks movie and gave Kalia her bottle.
Logan's new favorite game: What time is Mr. Wolf?

He played it last week in gym class and really liked it. After playing it a million times we came up with our own version. Logan starts at zero and each time he asks what time it is, I say the next number (1 o'clock, 2 o'clock) and he jumps on it until he gets to nine and I eat him for lunch/tickle him. I thought it would help him connect the verbal and visual numbers together. But now when he gets to about six he is laughing and often runs back to zero so I can't eat him.

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