Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Logan is at daycare while I'm on Mat Leave. It's really nice to have more time with him in the morning and pick him up early. We took a "quick trip" to the library together last week. We were going to just pick up a Mr Dressup video but ended up staying about two and a half hours. He didn't mind the later quick dinner that night and has asked to go back again --we always have a lot of fun there.

Logan liked "reading" books by himself Instead of playing in the large toy area --he cleaned it up! He took all the books he found laying around and lined them up in a nice display. Then he collected the blocks and put them away in the bin. :D

Logan with his BFF Barky, showing off his new shirt from Grandma.
Not the most flattering picture but here I am with huge belly --so big that most of my pregnancy shirts don't cover my belly anymore.
This has finally prompted us to start packing a hospital bag and getting the baby car seat ready!

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Anonymous said...

hey sister,you look so cute in pink shirt. And I can emagine the babe how big she ís and i can see the babe is ready to come out now..hehee

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