Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Logans First Consert

Wednesday at lunch and after work I went to the Queens Park May 13th protest regarding the violence against Tamils in Sri Lanka. I'm undecided on the 'Tamil Tiger debate' but feel that it has become a human rights issue. I think that Canada should have a role in speaking out and was happy to show my support. Allan and I participated in the anti-war marches and protests during the outset of the whole Iraq/Afghanistan Bush fiasco. I hope we can pass this on to our son -to exercise your freedom of speech, stand up for what you believe in, participate in public protests peacefully and to appreciate how great a country Canada is.
Then it was off to Logan's first 'concert' at his daycare. Here he is sitting on the stage ready to preform -note the lack of the other kids sitting beside him. Two kids starting crying and one clung to his dad and wouldn't let go. Logan is the youngest and other kids were only between two and four years old, so this wasn't a surprise .

So instead of watching a live performance we watched the dress rehearsal on tv. The kids got a big kick out this. Logan's teacher even made a copy of the DVD for everyone to take home -what a great idea!

We can't wait to show Lola, Lolo, Grandma and Grandpa Logan's performance! For those of you who will miss it -it consists of Logan just sitting there while all the kids do the actions to the story and then him rolling around and getting up and trying to run away. LOL What a superstar!

There was even a little slideshow...

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