Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Wonderful Saturday

Logan slept in until after 7am this Saturday, which started the weekend off on the right foot!

After breakfast we headed over to drop off a birthday gift to Logan's girlfriend, Carrissa. Logan enjoyed playing in the big box with her, riding on her princess car and eating all her Cheerios.
Then after a quick morning nap in the car and lunch we went to Wonderland!
We were pleasantly surprised to get a call from the UK from Helen while we were there. "Love you, Auntie H! Looking forward to playing with you in July! Big Kisses!"

Here we are in the helicopter ride...

Not so impressed when the ride ended...

On to the next ride!

Back home for a nap for Logan and Mommy and we then we were off to meet Lola, Lolo and the cousins.

The fish tank at the restaurant was a big hit. We're thinking about getting one...Allan would like a lizard more but I think fish are easier to take of and better since they can't escape.

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