Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our Saturday

Zia Sarah's dragon boat team was racing on Lakeshore so we went to cheer her on!
Here is Logan showing off his 'blue candy' face. Their team is called 'OMG Ponies' and we got a temporary tattoo of their mascot. Logan wasn't too impressed with it at first...

But then he liked it.
Sitting with Zia Sarah and Tita Shilpa
Liking the change into shorts!

Later that afternoon we went to the local free Children's Festival. At the giant chess set, two older kids kept knocking down all the pieces -Logan thought this was great fun and went behind them and put all the pieces back upright.

He also enjoyed playing soccer. Daddy showed him that you are suppose to kick the ball into the net; he understood and kept hitting ball after ball into the net.
Great coaching, Dada!
The play kitchen was a big hit too. He liked playing house with the little girl there.
Running through the signs was also a big hit!

Tonight in the bath Logan laid down on his back -which is something he really hasn't done before. Normally in the big tub he sits or goes on his tummy. He thought this new position was very relaxing...

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