Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Splash Pad Review 7: Wheeler’s Neighbourhood Park

We decided to head a bit North of Markham to Stouffville to continue our "Splash Pad Tour". There are three splash pads along Hoover Park Drive. The first one we went to was the Wheeler's Neighbourhood Park, which is at Hoover Park and Mostar Street.

*Parking on Mostar Street or at the school parking lot which is beside the park
*Sponge splash pad surface!
*Jets, water cannons, mister hoops --all well-timed too for lots of fun!
*Shade by splash park benches only (sometimes)
*Picnic tables by the splash pad
*Small rocks in playground
*Park aimed at 18 months to 12 years

This park had been recommended by two different friends, so we were excited to check it out.

Here is pretty much the only shade available.
A really nice splash park in a circle shape. When Logan was smaller it was all about those hoops that have mist coming out. Now that he's three and a half it's all about the "water cannon" squirty things.

Some of the stones made it over from the playground -bring your water shoes!

There's a few picnic tables around the splash pad too!
Two play sets at this playground -one that says it's for 18 months to five years and another that is for 5 to 12 years. Here's the one for older kids closest to the splash pad:
Swings in the middle and the smaller kids play set at the back:
Kalia enjoying the baby swing
They had this on both play sets:

"How do I get up there?" They had a cool kaleidoscope on the smaller kids play set but way too high! Logan kept asking me to lift him up to this cool kaledoscope they had in the smaller kids play set. Wish they had put this lower!
Given the layout I found I was moving around a lot to keep an eye on Logan as he moved between the two play sets and splash pad so I didn't set up a picnic blanket or anything. Pretty awesome splash pad and playground. Stouffville has some great splash pads and parks --this wasn't even our favorite one!

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Ultimate place for them. Place for them to hang around. :)

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