Saturday, August 27, 2011

African Lion Safari 2011

We went to African Lion Safari with Grandma and Grandpa. I put Kalia in the same shirt Logan wore the last time we were here in 2008.

We had been talking about this outing for a few weeks -showing him pictures and looking at the website. He was also really excited that he could sit up in the front out of his car seat!

The play area is more suited for 5+ but our 3.5 year old really, really wanted to it!
He just needed some coaching with the ladders at the end but he did it!
On the train ride
"I'm so excited!!!"
Feeding the goats at the petting zoo area

Stick around after the bird show and you can get to see them up close!
Logan loved this -"They're just like the movie Rio!"

Walking to the elephant lookout
The splash park!!!!!!!!! I had tried to find pictures and a review of this before we went -I was wondering if it was worth it to bring the kid's bathing suits --totally worth it! It was great!
Logan played for a bit at an area for bigger kids -there was a life guard at the top controlling the timing of the kids going down the slides. But at three and half we want to always keep an eye on Logan and Allan was finding it difficult as no adults are allowed on the stairs etc.

Logan LOVED the main area of the splash park -there were little dips in the flooring so lot of little pools with running water, which is something we haven't seen before, even at Wonderland.
In no area was there "standing water", all the water was flowing. It was like standing in a stream.
Kalia loved having the water flow around her
The slides had lifeguards at the top and they didn't mess around -we were happy to see them talk sternly to a few older kids that were going crazy.

Maybe two and half feet would be the deepest any of the pools were. Perfect for floating around and practicing his swimming

The textured cement made it easy to walk around all the uneven ground and little pools.

Washrooms, change rooms, lots of shade and seating, a store, close to a snack bar, great lifeguards, space for small and bigger kids, warm water, textured fooring, tons of small "pools", constantly flowing water -overall an awesome splash park. For our kids (3.5 and 8 months) this was WAY better than Wonderland's splash park. Yes, Wonderland has a kiddie tube ride and a lazy river but this one still wins for many reasons. By far the best splash park we have ever been to.
Time to go home! What an awesome day!

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Edward said...

Dubai Desert Safari one of the best place for tour nice blog

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