Sunday, June 29, 2008

African Lion Safari

On the weekend we went to African Lion Safari with my parents. Basically the animals run around on the reserve and the visitors stay caged in their cars and drive through. Logan seemed to like it.

Then later that night we had family over for 'Fight Night' since there was a Manny Pacquiao fight on.Since it has recently been confirmed that Allan and I are 'geezers', my niece and nephew took it upon themselves to help me be more hip. They told me to listen to Jordin Sparks and signed me up for a Millsberry account...which personally I don't think is as good as Habbo (Killer Beez for life, yo!).
Caprii told me that my time could be better spent riding on the back of Polka, her dinosaur. We could both wear crowns and have a sleepover party at her castle -which is at the end of the rainbow, of course.
Later that night my Dad tried to rock out with us, proving that we're not that old....

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