Thursday, March 27, 2008

Logan's New Chair

Here is Logan in his new chair, it's a Fisher Price Infant to Toddler chair. I got it on sale at Walmart -Thanks to the wonderful people at CCO for the gift card!

Not surprisingly, I researched the different options...I wanted something I could easily move to upstairs and also have downstairs i.e. baby in one arm and chair in the other. That cut out all the swings. I read a lot of reviews on chairs and this one seemed to get the top marks. It has toys which you can detach, it rocks or stays still, it reclines and when he's older it can go upright, it's washable and it has a vibrating option.

Having something to rock Logan in has been very helpful and fits into what it said in the Happiest Baby on the Block book/DVD. I would recommend the DVD to our friends who are newly parents. The author isn't really saying anything new (AKA the Baby Whisper says it too!)but to see him apply the techniques is very useful. It's something you really have to see, as reading about it really doesn't do it justice...

Basically it's the five S's:

Swaddling (We did this for the first three weeks, now I'm going back to doing it for nighttime sleeps)

Side or Stomach position (I don't use this often, I only hold him like this if he's really freaking out)

Shushing ('Big up' to cousin Christine's recommendation; since birth I turn on the noise machine for night time sleeps)

Swinging (His new chair!)

and Sucking (Logan has a favorite pacifier but often he doesn't want it).

Okay, one more picture just because he's soo cute!


GarbageJ said...

I SWEAR I SAW HIM LAST MONDAY, he's even bigger now! Oh maaaan.

sarah said...

Baby Logan is a cutie, but what about cute Mommy and Daddy? Group photo!

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