Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Say What?

Logan has been a bit of a handful the last two days. Yesterday I was reduced to tears because he would not stop crying or go to sleep long enough for me to shower. Before he hardly cried and was what the baby whisperer would call a Angel or Textbook Baby. WTF??!! He is far from being a colic baby but I've found these last two days rather hard.

While I'm good at spotting and naming Ikea furniture, my other 'talents' include researching and analyzing. Therefore this weeks posts will be a record of my efforts to become 'Super Mom' and hopefully will be useful to our friends who are pregnant or newly parents.

What is baby saying?

*I know I've bigged it up a few time already but bless my cousin Christine for telling me about the Baby Whisperer. I read it while pregnant and now look up stuff in the index all the time. I had never changed a diaper or bathed a baby before Logan and this book covered it all and gave me confidence in my mommy skills. It also has a great table that covers the cries and physical movements of the baby and 'decodes' it for you.

*Here's a video on Dunstan baby language...Learn the 5 different cries:

Neh = Hungry
Owh = Sleepy
Heh = Discomfort
Eairh = Lower Gas
Eh = Burp

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