Thursday, March 6, 2008

How I got my name...

Many, many years ago after having our pictures merged into our future child at Dave and Busters we named our son Murlan. Very fob, I know.
Muriah + Allan = Murlan.
For years we would refer to our future child as Murlan. Then after the ultrasound when we found out we were now really going to have a son, we started to rethink this name....not so cool.

However, this was the name to beat. After Allan went though all the possible basketball names (Shaq, Jordon, Kobe) he moved on to superhero names. Apparently Logan is the real name of Wolverine.

I liked the name Logan as I had seen the movie called Logan's Run and it was one of the old science fiction books that I inherited from my grandfather. Also the name is Gaelic/Welsh, which is my grandfathers background.

Here is a picture from the movie. Oh so sexy!

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