Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh boy...

So Logan is now officially sick.

Since this afternoon he has been coughing, sneezing, spitting up and has a seemingly endless supply of snot and baby boogies. He's not full out crying (thank goodness!) but he's very fussy, needs extra cuddling and has been awake for way longer periods than normal.

And just to spice things up a bit -I think I might have another kidney stone. I am legendary for my kidney stone timing...The first one hit me while writing a university exam -so painful that my vision went blurry. The second one hit just as we crossed the boarder into the states on vacation with Allan's parents. Normally the incredible pain in the lower back is soon followed up with throwing up and all around miserableness. So far it's just the pain and miserableness. Luckily I have a bottle of pain medication that they gave me after delivering Logan that I didn't bother taking. They say that the three most painful things are gun shot wound, kidney stones and giving birth -I'm pretty sure it's in that order.

Allan called in sick on Friday, so having him stay home isn't really an option yet. Depending on how tonight and tomorrow goes I might have to call in the backup -Logan's grandparents...

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