Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cultural Exchanges

Logan and I came across this site, "gimmie your stuff". You swap little packages with people around the world and a get a peek into their culture. I think this is a great idea and a fun little thing to do with Logan. At the end of our walks we always stop at the mail box and get the mail and I show him what we got -- "a bill for daddy, ohhh a flyer for pizza, another bill for daddy..." Perhaps this will make the stops at the mail box a bit more exciting. I use to have a bunch of pen pals when I was a kid and loved trading little packages of surprises. I'm hoping that I can find some other mom's to trade things with.

As per the site, here is our list:

Scrapbook Stickers and other items
Canadian Magazines
Canadian Food and Candy!
Mixed CDs
Kids Books in English
Canadian Souvenirs
Little Toys
Clothing -something for you or your child
and best of all: SURPRISES!

Let me know if you want to swap. Also if you have a child please let me know their age.

Hopefully we can do a swap soon. I'll post pictures of what we get here and do a video of Logan learning about the country we swapped with and looking at the stuff we get. Should be fun! Stay Posted!

Gimme Your Stuff


jen721 said...

That sounds like a very cool idea! I may have to try it!

utter-tutter said...

Hi Yummy Mummy!!

I got your message on my blog. I would love to swap with you. Can you send me an email so that we can starting chatting from there?

My blog is iloveswap.blogspot.com


Dat said...

Hi! My name is Kathryn and I'm from Pennsylvania in the USA. I just recently joined Gimme Your Stuff. :) I was wondering if you'd like to swap with me?

I can send you some of the following: scrapbooking stuff, stickers, fabric, kids' books, a postcard, stationery/notebooks, and clothes for you or Logan! If there's anything else that you'd like just ask..

My swapping website can be found at: http://www.datturra.vox.com
If you are interested, have a look and leave me a comment.

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