Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Fun

Logan had his last Mum and Tot swimming class today. They all got report cards afterwards -Logan passed!

Here are some pictures from Tita Lori and Evan.

Swimming class was a bit of a challenge for us but it was worth the effort. Logan normally gets up around 7am and we had be out the door for 8:30 to be in the pool by 9. The first day I wondered 'what do I pack?', 'how are we we both going to eat and get changed and get out the door in time?' and 'how are we both suppose to shower and change at the pool?' Here are some tips of what we found worked well for us...

*Setting out both of our clothing and packing our bag the night before was crucial to getting out the door on time
*I showered and blow dried my hair the night before
*Putting Logan in his swimming diaper, swimming suit and a t-shirt just before we left the house worked well. When we got there, I only had to pull off his shirt and he was ready to go. I packed an extra swimming diaper in case he 'made a stinky' on the way there but it never happened
*I wore my bathing suit under my clothing and flip flops
*I packed everything in a beach bag. Better than a diaper bag because there was no zippers or flap to open, I could just reach in and grab what I needed
*I brought the padded mat from our diaper bag so I could lay Logan down on the bench and even in the locker
*Showering with a slippery baby in your arms isn't the easiest. We brought a baby wash/shampoo combo and it had a flip lid (rather than screw lid) so I only needed one hand.
*A plastic bag for our wet bathing suits meant the extra diapers in the beach bag didn't get ruined
*We used the 'family' change room rather than the woman's change room. They had stalls to change in and wide benches inside to lay Logan down on.

After swimming we met up with the cousins for lunch and a trip to the park. Logan went down the slide for the first time!

After the park the kids had fun with chalk... Caprii drew "a boat with a pretty sail so it can fly".

Then they got ready for the upcoming Olympics...

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