Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A day in like of...

I participated in a swap on Swap-Bot recently -you send out a write up about your day to five people you are assigned to and get five e-mails back about others people day. It's been really interesting reading about what other people are going though each day -one person juggling parenting and work, anouther with her husband going through cancer treatments. I also thought that it would be interesting to record a 'typical' day at different stages with Logan because our days now are soooo different than when he was only a month or two old.

Anyway, here is our day....

My day starts in the wee hours putting a pacifier back into my baby’s mouth so that he can fall back to sleep. I do this three times before I officially start my day around 7am. My husband Allan and baby Logan get up around then. I change Logan’s diaper and then feed him his bottle while I watch the morning news. My husband meets me downstairs and puts on coffee. Allan plays with Logan while I have a bowl of cereal and update our Trixie Tracker.

We have swimming lessons this morning. Allan’s parents are up so they entertain Logan while I grab a few things I forgot to pack in our bag last night –wipes and a towel for myself. We are in the car by 8:30 and in the pool change room by 8:50! On time! My friend Lori and her son, Evan, are waiting for us and we head out to the pool together. While we waited for our instructor, Evan and Logan held hands; very cute. Today Logan went under the water for the first time. He was a bit unsure but I just smiled and acted like it was soooo fun and then he kinda was okay with it. Showering and getting us both changed was a bit of a challenge. Luckily Logan was so tired from the excitement that when I put him down in the locker (so he wouldn’t roll away) he fell asleep.

Since I had the car today I thought I’d make use of it and go to the Dollarstore. I love the Dollarstore because anything I see I can afford and I buy whatever I want without guilt. Other typical places we go to when we have the car to go doctor appointments or playgroups are: Markville mall, Michael’s craft store, Chapters and the grocery store. Logan woke up once we got inside the store and was all smiles. He likes looking at all the colourful things in the store.

By 11 I am home and have Logan is starting to become a cranky baby, so I put him down for a proper nap. I know that I have at least an hour before he wakes up for his lunch so I check e-mails, talk to hubby on the phone, check facebook, do our trixie tracker, eat lunch and lounge. His nap lasts two hours and when he gets up I change his diaper, give him his lunch and we play and sing songs.

We walk to the library in the afternoon. There a young woman approaches me and asks me to help her with a job application she is trying to fill out for a grocery store. We end up chatting afterwards and I find out she’s taking free job searching classes for newcomers at the library. Her family saved up money for many years to pay for her to come to Canada from China.

By the time we get home from the library it is time for me to go through the bottle, diaper routine again but this time Logan also gets a bit of peas and oatmeal baby cereal. I get a call from one of my best friend and he has broken up with his boyfriend. He might come for a visit later this week.

When my husband returns home we head out to see what is happening with our house –the tiles and cabinets are in bathrooms and kitchen now. Looks like it will be ready for us to move in shortly. There are people living across the street now. On the way home we stop at the shopping plaza and I go get groceries while Logan and Allan head over to Future Shop and Rogers.

Allan plays with Logan for a bit and then does his bedtime routine. While he does this I unpack the groceries and make dinner –butter chicken, steamed veggies and rice. When Allan comes down, we eat, chat for a bit and sit down and try to figure out the Quicken personal finical software that Allan bought at Future Shop. Then I take a shower and pack our swimming bag for tomorrow and lay out my clothing for tomorrow morning. Then pay bills, do the trixie tracker and put a load of laundry in the wash.

Two songs on ‘Rock Band’ on our Xbox with Allan and then I’m upstairs getting ready for bed. It’s 11 o’clock and I read over a paper myself and others from work have written about using diagrams in interviews. Yeah, it’s work related and yes I’m on Mat. Leave but I really enjoy it and it’s in my best interest to help our paper get published. I want to read the paper over once more before I work on the final revisions tomorrow night. I always find if I ‘sleep on things’ I’m more productive the next day. Just before midnight I’m ready to sleep and excited about our next swimming class in the morning.

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