Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Big Roll

On Friday Logan and I went to "Fun in the Park" put on by the Early Years Centre. In Ontario these centres provide free programs for children and their caregivers. Logan and I try to go to one infant program a week -we like 'singable stories' and 'babies in playland'. This summer they're offering a few play dates in the park behind the library for kids 0-6 years. Since swimming is now done, we decide to check it out.
It was nice that we weren't with all with infants, as Logan liked watching the older kids playing games. I thought Logan was going to practice rolling onto his side and snapped these pictures....

Logan surprised me by rolling on to his TUMMY! I was so excited I almost cried. LOL I wish could have gotten a video for Allan but it's amazing I just happened to be taking pictures. Here's Logan feeling happy with himself and his new 'trick'. After all this excitement, we went to Library to read books together.

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