Thursday, July 10, 2008

Packing for our trip

We are leaving for Collingwood tonight for four days. I am in charge of packing Logan's stuff. OMG It is amazing how much stuff you need for a baby. However, I admit that I tend to over pack. So I'm keeping track of what I bring for Logan. This way I will have a check-list for our next trip and I can make note of what I should have brought and what I didn't need for next time .
UPDATE: We're back - notes are in red

Personal Care
pack of swimming diapers
24 diapers (used 21 but should brought a few more because I was getting nervous we would run out)
pack of disposable diaper bags
petroleum jelly
changing pad
hand sanitizer
8 cotton pads (had a few leftovers)
8 baby q-tips (had a few leftovers)
nose cleaner thingy
hair brush
aveeno moisture cream
rash cream (didn't use)
baby face wash
baby bath wash/shampoo
2 baby bath/beach towels
baby sunscreen
nail clipper
tempra (didn't use but good to have)

12 wash clothes (these are so useful for everything -to wipe up spit, for Logan to play with...could have used a few more)
16 bibs (8 regular, 8 plastic back) (used 14!)
1 can formula (should have brought a second can)
bottle brush
Oat cereal
Rice Cereal
1 glass bottle for water
4 glass bottles for milk

4 socks (used 2)
2 bathing suits
3 onesies (used 1)
3 pants
2 shorts
2 shirts
1 tank top (didn't use)
1 dressy shirt (didn't use)
1 sweater

2 pjs (1 full-length, 1 shorts)
2 fleece blankets
2 receiving blankets
crib sheet
spit up cloth (used under his head when sleeping)
Sofie the giraffe
portable crib

2 mesh wash bags to put dirty items (only needed one)
spray 'n wash
hand fan (didn't use)
monitor (good idea!)
2 soothers
1 soother clip thing
1 day bag for outings

Fun Stuff
baby Einstein DVD (good idea!)
baby jumper (very handy!)
beach floor play mat (great for at the pool)
butterfly chew toy (mom's secret weapon to get Logan to take a nap)

Getting Around
car seat and attached toys
Stroller cover (didn't use)
baby carrier (didn't use)
mosquito net for stroller (didn't use)

1 comment:

Carol Schiller said...

16 bibs!? That is a crazy number. I hope you will check out Baby Chaleco Performance Wear and lighten your load. They are so much better than bibs - stylish, waterproof and just one lasts all day, even for the champion droolers.

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