Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cottage Life

Today we went to Tita Precy and Tito Dodong's cottage for the day. It's on Rice Lake which is just an hour away.
We went with Lola and cousin Jessie.
Jessie was rockin' her new hair cut -which I LOVE. She's all excited about going into grade six in September since that is the highest grade at her school...then she's off to Junior High.
Jessie 'helped' with Logan's diaper. However she retreated to the other side of the room when she found out it was a stinky diaper and returned only when Logan was cleaned up.
It did rain while we where there. The thunderstorm nixed the boat ride around the lake but we still had fun hanging out. Tita Precy found Logan to be such a happy boy and was impressed with how friendly he was. Tita Precy has three boys who are all grown up now. Here she is 'trying to remember' how to feed and burp a baby -she did just fine!

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