Monday, July 21, 2008

Jenn's Debut

Allan's cousin, Jennifer, had her 18th birthday. We went to her Filipnio Debut on Saturday. When a Filipina turns 18 she has a big party -Let me show you a bit about this tradition...
Here is daddy, Logan and Great Lola. Lola is wearing a traditional Filipino dress.

Here we are with Jenn! The birthday girl normally dresses in all white and gets to be Princess for the day -kinda like a wedding! The party's theme was 'blue & white'. Both sets of grandparents were there for the big party. Logan was very happy about this. One tradition is picking 18 males and 18 females. Each pair goes up to birthday girl. She lights the candle that the female holds and the male gives the birthday girl a roses and has a dance with her. Afterwards we sing Happy Birthday and she blows out all the 18 candles. Allan and I were picked to be apart of this.Here is Allan dancing with Jenn. It went from oldest couple to youngest. We were happy that we had to wait a bit! After this Jenn cut her massive cake. Yes, that is a little mini fountain underneath.
Logan was thrilled to be around everyone and refused to go to bed; even after his last bottle and changing him into his pjs.
He's such a party animal!

On the dance floor!
Loggie didn't fall asleep until 10:45 -his normal bedtime is 8pm!

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