Thursday, May 26, 2011

"Homework" for a three year old

This is Logan's "homework" box. We call it homework just to put a positive association to the word -we could have just as easily called it box-of-fun. Logan isn't forced to sit down and do it. And it is not something we do every night. I make sure there are three different activities in his box each day and set it out on our kitchen counter. He chooses if it's an activity he wants to do or not. Logan is three years and four months so we're just keeping things fun. But at the same time as parents I feel we have a responsibility to do some schooling with our children at home too. So many little things can be turned into positive learning experiences if we just put in some extra time (e.g. our ice experiments). One activity we've been having fun with is learning about measuring. Logan got the book How Big is the Lion for his third birthday. It has really kept Logan's attention and he likes leaning how to use the iruler that tucks into the pocket on the book.
We have a lizard that grows when put in water called Greenie
So we traced him on the first day and are tracking it grow and then we'll track it shrink. Really, really simple but it helps him understand the concept and gets him working with numbers.
We also have a few preschooler work books from the dollar store. I find ripping out the pages and putting it in his box so much better then trying to do a page in the book -he would get distracted and want to move onto another before finishing the one he was one. I always put one page of phonics into his box and then one from the numbers workbook or a page from a colouring book.

Doing homework helps with Logan's attention span and it also gives him some one-on-one time and an opportunity to get lots of praise; something he needs especially since he has to share Mommy and Daddy with his sister.
You have to start somewhere, right? Logan isn't great at printing but it's good practice even just learning how to hold a pencil property.
He really likes the connect the dot ones -right now he finds the next number and we draw the line to it together. It's going to be really neat to see him progress to doing this by himself.

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