Friday, May 13, 2011

Wow--all in one week!

We fit a lot into our weekends but look at everything we fitted into one week!

Kailia got her four month old check-up and shots
We went to Tae Kwon Do Buddy Day with cousin Jacob
We visited Lolo and Lola for lunch
Mom was the teacher at Logan's daycare for two days
Kalia saw her first live show --"Peanut's Pirate Adventure"-- and absolutely loved it
Got our Wonderland season's passes!
Went to Kitchener to see Grandma and Great Grandma
Hid toys in colored ice
The weather warmed up so we went for lots of walks
Kalia figured out how to play with more of her toys and how to bounce.
We celebrated Lauren's birthday
Logan had "parent day" at swim class where we could go on the deck and take pictures and talk to the teacher

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