Sunday, June 12, 2011

Science Centre Trip #9

The pictures that pop up as you walk or dance across the floor are always a big hit with Logan. I wish we could put the pond one up somewhere in our house. :D
Logan enjoyed making pieces of paper fly high into the sky --this was also neat for Kalia to watch too!

We went to the new reptile exhibit at the Science Centre. I was surprised to see so many live animals there.
Given Logan's track record with snakes (see here and here), he surprisingly got closer to them then I did. I guess he felt more comfortable knowing that there were glass keeping them back.

Picnic time!
Magnifying leaves
Kalia had a good time looking at everything, as she can not sit in her stroller rather then her car seat. Taking in all that science is hard work: she fell sleep eating one of her Mum-Mums!

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