Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

We spent Easter 2011 with Lola, Lolo, Grandma and Grandpa in Niagara Falls!

Making Easter eggs
Step 1: Colour with crayons

Step 2: Drip in coloured water
And presto! Pretty Easter eggs!

Grandpa picked up some pamphlets so he'll be ready for the casino next time!Date night!! We went to see "Man in The Mirror" at Casino NiagaraWe took Logan to Bird Kingdom -he was totally freaked out by the snakes and turtles there.

Only Logan would go over the falls with a B-boy pose

Making a penny souvenir
Easter Egg hunt with Grandma

Allan trying to teach his mom to use email and facebook :D
PJ party! Logan reading his new book

Logan gave out rides!
Bowling on the wii with Grandpa
Playing with Lola --little Easter sponges that expanded with water
It was pretty cold outside so we just did a few drive-bys over the weekend.We walked around Clifton Hill but it was a bit over-whelming for Logan; music, lights, moving wax figures, etc. He liked it way better from the car.

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