Friday, April 15, 2011

Ahead of Schedule: cereal, slides and jumperoos

Kalia is three months and a week old now. She's been sitting in a high chair watching us eat for almost a month now. While it's a earlier than the recommended four month time line, I mixed up some watery rice cereal for her. She really enjoyed it and now gets a bit when we all eat supper together.
"Ohhh, I like this!"
"More please!"
Practicing sitting up outside with Grandma
Standing too!
First time down the slide.

We dug out the Jumperoo from the basement for Kalia. We were thinking that it would be a few more weeks before she'd use it but I put her in and she liked it.
Logan was very helpful and showed Kalia how each toy worked and how to make the music go. I was a bit worried that he'd push on it and try and make her jump up and down but he was very good.
Her feet just touch the bottom. I remember the day Logan figured how to jump in this thing -the video is here.

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