Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chalk Zoo and Butterfly Migration

We took playing with chalk and Logan's little animal toys to the next level by combining them together!

Logan likes to recreate Little Einstein scenes and asked me to draw "Mr Penguin's birthday party for him. "We need balloons and decorations, Mommy. Ice cream in a cone too!" You can see the little toy penguin with this cousins that I drew. Logan sang happy birthday and helped blow out the candles.
Logan told me that it was time for "butterfly migration" and showed me his little blue butterfly toy. I had him repeat this a few times as I had no clue what he was saying. Do three year olds know about butterfly migration? Apparently this one does.
Then he instructed me to draw "Niagara Falls; where Lolo and Lola have a house", "flags at United Nations" and a tunnel with a bat and a web for the spider. He then took his butterfly toy to each one. I think this is the "Missing Invitation" episode and the spider tunnel part is from the "The Treasure" episode.

We had quite the zoo by the end!

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