Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crayola Color Twister

We brought out the Color Twister! We played this once before, maybe five months ago when Logan was still two. He wasn't very interested in it then. But now that he is Big Boy Three it's a whole other story. Yes, I noticed the product says it's for 6+ but we're advanced in this household. ;)Logan giving it good spin to start things off. He did have a bit of trouble with this and didn't get the concept of multiple pumps to get it going fast. So I would let him get it started and then while he was squirting I would pump it up.

This is a messy craft for a three year old. Logan's aim wasn't so great and he tended to use way more paint then needed. The paint is washable but I was glad I dragged out the 'crafting tablecloth' to do this on.

Logan's finished art work!
We did an experiment to see how different designs were made.
The top one was made with a slow spin.
The bottom left we squirted a colour, spun, stopped, squirted, spun...
The bottom right one was done with a super fast spin.

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