Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keeping the kiddos happy on our roadtrip

We decided to head out to Niagara Falls as soon as Allan came home from work. This late night road trip gave us a jump start to our holiday and let us beat the Easter holiday traffic. It also meant that we would still be in the car when both kids are settling into bed.
Bed time favorites (Barkey, Cleo and Blue Blanket) were present and I sat in the backseat to give Kalia her bottle, which was a good novelty for the kids.
A recent post on Parent Hacks reminded me of the awesomeness of glow sticks and that I still had some left over from our Rock Star housewarming party. Logan's been entertained by glow sticks before when he could dance with them so I was interested in how it would work in the car and how he would react now that he is older. I brought them out as it became dusk and showed him how to break and shake them. At first he requested a necklace and then a bracelet. Then I showed him how he could use the connectors himself. We also had great fun turning the flash off the camera and seeing how the pictures would turn out. Great fun for three year old Logan --and three month Kalia seemed to enjoy the light show too!
The glow sticks were still interesting to him to four days later in the sunlight. Logan enjoyed connecting them all together to make giant zeros and circles.

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