Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ninang Sarah

Logan, Zia Sarah and I showed so much promise as natural drum players (Ha!) at Logan's Jungle Birthday party. So we had Rob "the drum guy" come over and give us a lesson. This was so much fun and even has me thinking about buying a drum. It also marked the day that we asked Zia Sarah to be Kalia's Ninang. Ninang is Godmother in Tagalog/Filipino. Sarah has been a loyal and caring friend to Allan and I. She's taken care of me during both pregnancies -from bringing me pretzels to throwing me showers at work. She's also been there for lots of fun family moments, like celebrating birthdays, taking Logan trick or treating, giving Logan his first tattoo and putting him to work! She even changes poopy diapers! And with Kalia she already is spoiling her and showing her lots of love and attention.

Sarah is finishing her Masters degree, working at her career, is active in sporting teams and still fits in family, friends and love ones. She's a good Catholic girl with strong morals and family values. We think she will be an awesome role model for Kalia as she grows up.

We are very honored to make Zia Sarah a permanent part of our family.

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