Saturday, March 26, 2011

Activity #57: Interrupt someone’s work day

I completed another Rookie Mom's Challenge: interrupting someone's work day.

I completed it on Tuesday because I wanted to time it for my departments staff meeting --because if you're going to interrupt one persons day, you might as well interrupt everyone's! This trip was pretty involved too ---I'm in suburbia Markham and this was downtown Toronto. I drove to the subway in North York and then needed to take two subway lines and an endless number of elevators to get there. I timed it really well so that she had her bottle during the meeting. People were very impressed with her loud burps.

After the staff meeting, Kalia and cruised around two different floor saying hello. Here she is spitting up on Liz... And she was so cute, Zia Sarah even offered up her filing cabinet as a change table!

I left the house around 9:30 and was back by 3. A full day but lots of fun!

I did this challenge with Logan when he was a baby a bunchof times too ---see here (love these photos!), here here and here!

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