Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fun with Gram and Gramp

Logan and Kalia had lots of fun with their Grandparents. Here are some of the highlights...

Logan got to use tools with Grandpa Later I said to him: "Oh, this is such a nice wall that Grandpa built."

Logan: "I built that."

Me: "Oh, I thought Grandpa built it"

Logan: "He helped me"

Playing playdoh and looking at pictures of cousin Katie
Showing off his Micheal Jackson moves --he's dancing to Thriller here
Grandma went to Kalia's 2 month doctor appointment where she got her first set of shots. She's 12 lbs now! Lots of cuddle time and a break for mommy who is getting over a horrible cold!

Logan's tattoo parlour
Playing store
Thank you for your visit, Gram and Gramp! We hope you come over again soon! XOXO

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