Saturday, March 19, 2011

Science Centre 2011: trip #7

We went to the Science Centre again. Big surprise. It's become our go-to spot. Since we have the gold membership parking and movies are included too. WE normally go when they open at ten and stay until after lunch. This morning they had a special space session for kids under five in their planetarium --very neat! We went to the moon and back and Logan seemed to enjoy it. A bunch of kids left because they got freaked out of the dark but Logan seemed to "get it" and follow along.
Afterwards we went and had a picnic. "Smile for the camera, Logan!" This is what I got:"Not even a little smile?"
Logan might be three going on thirteen.
Storm chancing
Learning how trains work

Trying to get the rope off...
They did it!
Outside Logan got to meet a real firefighter and got to sit in the truck!

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