Thursday, March 31, 2011

Logan meets Justin Bieber...sort of

We went to Cousin K's birthday party on the weekend.

As we were taking off our jackets and shoes Logan froze. "What's wrong, Logan?", I asked. "Justin" he whispers. I look into the living room and see Auntie's niece. "Is that Justin Bieber, Logan?" Logan just nods. "Do you want to meet him?" He just nods again. Luckily she was a good sort and posed for a picture with Logan and chatted with him. Logan told "Justin" that he liked his music and has his poster on his closet door. He was super shy and through out the party if he saw her he would just stand there and stare at her from a far. Cake time!
Logan and I built this marble run. Cousin Jacob and Logan played with this for over an hour. It was pretty cool -we'll have to keep an eye out for one of these.

Lots of cuddles for Kalia

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