Thursday, March 3, 2011

What do toddlers dream about?

Since High School I've had a lot fun lucid dreams and when ever I kept a dream journal, that would increase their frequency. While I haven't really gone into the analysis of dreams, I do think they are really telling. So when Logan wakes up in the morning,I've been asking him what he has dreamt about and we've been writing some of them down....Here are a few:

M: what did you dream about last night?
L: Micheal Jackson store. We sent to Micheal Jackson store together. Barkey (his dog he sleeps with) picked out Micheal Jackson song.
M: What song did he pick?
L: (Logan sings Thriller)
M: What else happened?
L:Barkey picked out Billy Jean one.

M:What did you dream about last night?
L: A doggie
M:What did the doggie do?
L: The doggie's name is Barkey. And Shoes (the dog at daycare) come with me. And Qunicy and Lilly (the cats at daycare)
M: And what did you do?
L: Barkey found a treasure. And a blue treasure and a green treasure and a blue blanket treasure too.
M: What was the treasure?
L: He opened the treasure box. He saw an animal store and a long snake. He said, "Wow, cool". Justin Bieber was there.
M: Okay, I'll write this down...(read it back to him) Did I get everything from your dream?
L: There were more animals. An iguana, a peacock and a fish
M: What did you dream about last night?

L: A big red duck
M: What happened?
L: He float away...down the drain
M: Down the drain? Oh no!
L: He said "Help me! Logan! Logan!" I said, "There a ducky down the drain. I gotta go get him"
M: Did you get him out?
L: Yes, I get him out
M: Was the duck okay?
L: He hurt himself and I kiss the ouchie

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