Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy AND Snowy Weekend

We had both rain AND snow this weekend. Someone needs to send Mother Nature a memo and let her know it's almost May. We kept busy this weekend doing lots of fun things inside.
Making muffins is always fun for Logan. After dance class, Logan helped by counting out the muffin liners and putting them in the tin.

He loves licking the spoon just as much as eating the muffins.
Tip: We use an ice cream scoop to fill the muffins up -great for toddlers and gets the perfect amount in! Logan now knows how to press the button on it himself.

We went to the larger library in the afternoon. Logan found a few books about dancing and even a book on Usher!
Reading the Dance book
Reading a book that Logan picked out called the ABC's of Art -it shows a famous painting for each letter of the alphabet. Logan even recognized a bunch of them from the Little Einstein videos.
We went on a "treasure hunt"; up the elevator to the top floor!
Logan spotted a painting on the wall: "Look, Mommy! It's an art show!!"
Logan's always excited to help out in taking care of his sister.
It wouldn't be a complete weekend without dressing up as MJ and singing and dancing.
Logan's been wanting a headset like Micheal has in some of his concerts. He has a microphone stand and a microphone but no headset! Oh no! He use to hold the microphone at the side of head for these parts. We looked at the toy stores for one and then Allan just took the XBox headset and tied up the cord for Logan --perfect!
Playing with magnets
Snack time!
Doing something a bit different for bath time...
We worked on some Mother's Day crafts. We were watching the show Calillou and we saw him make flowers out of paper and pipe-cleaners. Looked pretty easy in the cartoon so we gave it a try ourselves!
We used foam instead of paper and drew out flower shapes to cut. Logan was having some trouble cutting the shapes so instead I cut a circle and he put snips all around the edges.
Poke a pipe cleaner through and you have a very simple and easy preschooler craft for Mother's Day!
We also decorated a box for Uncle D.
Logan loves stickers and we have a bunch of these, so this was a good craft --plus it actually turned out looking very nice too!
Logan gathered all the books about babies and read them to Kalia and I.
In Logan's swim class they took the boat again to the deep-end.
This time they had the kids get out of the boat and stand at the side. Each one took turns jumping into the deep-end with their life jacket and then floating on their back and kicking. We're so happy that Logan is enjoying his classes and it's such an important skill to know too!
We also met up with Uncle D -to give him the box we decorated and to ask him to be Kalia's Godfather!

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