Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preschooler Tall Painting

I came across a video on YouTube that showed a group painting by pouring paint over a structure. I showed it to Logan and was really fascinated by the idea.

He asked to watch this "tall painting" video three times.

Kalia was close by supervising our attempt to create our own tall painting
Before we got things set up, I Googled "tall painting" and saw that fabulous Teacher Tom had done this with his preschoolers--he talked about the paint oozing and dripping off the paper, so I found a box to put ours in. We used two scrap pieces of wood we found downstairs and used wood glue to put them together. I had acrylic paint left over from when we painted pictures for the master bedroom (yes, we actually finger painted with acrylic paint and no, I didn't know at the time it wouldn't just wash out of our clothing).
I divided paint out into yogurt containers for Logan to pour
His aim was pretty good and seemed to understand from the video that you pour it slowly in the middle.

Ohhh -very pretty!
We could have stopped there but Logan asked for more -so we ended up just squirting it from the bottles. Logan seemed to like the squirting better than the pouring.
Done! A gift for Grandpa!
So much paint was oozing of this thing that I moved it to a tin plate. The blue and the red were finger paints so we watched for a bit as it mixed with the acrylic paint. The white acrylic paint sitting on top of the water-based paint went into smaller blotches and sort of floated on top.
There was so much paint left on the paper when we moved our Tall Painting. We grabbed another piece of paper and rubbed them together to make some marbled prints. Fun!

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Rory Senitt said...

Have you ever tried making quicksand with him? I'm not sure how old this is, sorry if he's sixteen and I'm too late with this comment :).

But I make quicksand all of the time and it lasts for days on in (I'm 18 and learned five years ago how to do it :))

All you need is cornstarch and water. I'm not sure of the measurements because I just know it by eye, but the thing is you can make as much as you want when you get the hang of it :). It acts as real quicksand (move fast and your hand doesn't sink down move slow and you start feeling as if it's thick water some how haha. Here's a link ^_^

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