Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend

When Logan eats breakfast he likes to read flyers. He especially likes the book club flyers from daycare and pizza flyers. This kid is a cereal eating machine! His favorite is Rice Krispies in yogurt. This combination was invented when first introducing cereal to Logan and I found the milk too Logan's coordination is better but he still loves it.
Logan's imagination is pretty awesome. When ever he goes to the downstairs washroom he sings Micheal Jackson songs into the toilet paper holder. As cute as this is, we decided to pick up this echo microphone for him.
Our fort!

The three of us did some finger painting together!
Logan's learning to ride his bike. This was a birthday present from his cousins K.C.X. WE try and go out every day and practice.

He loves the little bell on it.

1 comment:

Uncle Kyle said...

Hmmmm, Rice Krispies in yogurt actually sounds pretty good. Save me some! :)

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