Sunday, March 14, 2010

A week with Grandma and Grandpa

Logan got the stomach flu on Thursday. Then just when that was done, he got an eye inflection on Sunday. It's been a week and he is now finally looking at lot better. We were very lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa come look after him.
Highlights for Logan included seeing the "big truck", making a "baby snowman" and going for walks to see ducks. Logan loves looking through our photo albums...
Showing off the "outfit" that he "made". Future male model or fashion designer?
We did a video chat to Vietnam so the Grandparents could see Katie "live" for the first time...
"Hi, Baby Katie! I love you!"

Logan got Grandma to join the Micheal Jackson fan club too!

Breakfast at Ikea -tummy feeling better!
Cooking dinner
Oh no! Now the flu is gone but an eye infection is starting!
It started in the right eye and then by mid-week it was in both...
Giving his duck a popsicle.

Showing off a dance move from a Micheal Jackson video...

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