Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May-24 Weekend

Before heading across the boarder to join Lolo and Lola, we stopped at Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls. Logan was freaked out by the reptile room but had lots to say about it after:
"I saw snake. I saw turtle. I saw frog. Logan chicken. Logan scared. Snake. Sssssss"

He did love the birds which flew around us freely...
Logan was thrilled to see "two big owls" and "one baby owl"

"Toucan eat cereal"

"Duck, Daddy! Look! Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck!"
"Big fish: swim, swim splash!"
Lola and Lolo thought it was hilarious that Logan was so messy eating whip-cream at dinner that night. Since we were all on vacation we let Logan stay up --he made it to about ten; about two hours past his normal bedtime.
At breakfast: Logan doesn't really care too much to draw but he loves requesting things and watching others draw it. This picture shows his typical requests: owl, turtle, snake, elephant, snowman (x4), baby snowman (x3), Mommy, Daddy, Logan, Micheal Jackson (holding Logan's hand of course).
There was a waterfall the changed colours every few seconds at the hotel. Logan loved standing by it and calling out the colours.

Further proof that Logan is half-Asian
Blowing dandelion seeds

"Pretty flower. I smell flower, Mommy. Flower!"

We went to Build-A-Bear and Logan picked out an Owl
He got to press down on the pedal to fill up the bear...
...and he pressed the different buttons to make sure it was full of friendship, love, and kindness. He got to pick out a fabric heart, kiss it and put it in his owl before it was sewed up.
Next, Daddy gave Hoo the Owl a "bath".

Logan also got a new YO Gabba Gabba Laptop, which looks like a boom-box, from Target.
A highlight was swimming with Mommy and Daddy!
Splashing Daddy

Going for a walk with Lola
With Lolo and Lola
Look we we got at the outlet mall!
"Ride, Daddy. Orange car, Mommy."
Before we came home we stopped off for some fun with his cousins!

Fabulous long weekend!

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