Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ahhh! Finally a nice hot summer weekend! Off to Wonderland for a morning of fun!

Logan's new fun past-time is playing Rock Band with daddy --if only it had some Micheal Jackson songs!
We went over to Auntie's and Uncle's for a BBQ. The kids braved the cool water to go swimming.

Kiyan tried to teach the "older kids" how to ride his boogie board/skateboard thingy but apparently you have to be under 12 to be able to ride it well- or at least that was their excuse.
Logan borrowed an old helmet from Caprii and went riding with his cousins.
The big news of the day: A dry pull-up the whole day!

earing mommy's sunglasses...

Heading out to a splash park!
Logan this year wanted to run around with the other kids and had no fear of the cool water. So Daddy had a chance to go play a bit of basketball and Mommy could just sit back, relax and watch her little man run around.

Frozen yogurt ice pop! Yummy!

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