Friday, September 16, 2011

Super Why: No-Sew Woofster Cape and Phonics Game

Logan is loving the show Super Why -a show on PBS kids for preschoolers that has been proven to help them learn to read. There's four main characters so Logan has assigned us to one:

Alpha Pig --Daddy
Wonder Red --Mommy
Whyatt --Logan
Princess Pea --Kali

And they just this week Whyatt got a new puppy on the show: Woofster! Logan says this is his BFF Barky! So I decided to make a no-sew Woofster costume for Logan's dog.
I made a no-sew cape for Logan a long time ago (see here) with a tutorial like this one. Sort of did the same thing for Barky's cape. I took a t-shirt that Kali out-grew. It has the extended neckline (so kids with big heads can get into it) -perfect for what I wanted.

It was a little loose around the neck when Barky tried it on
Basically I just cut off the front of the t-shirt-yup that simple.
So, not exactly like Woofster but having the arms keeps the cape in place; nice and snug now.
Looking good, Barky!
Oh, we need a dog collar....just took the piece I cut off...
and cut the bottom seam off so it looks finished
Hot glued a small craft square that painted red in the middle
Took a permanent marker and drew a bone and then hot glued it across the cape to the inside.
All this all while Kali slept off her cold! Super fast and simple!
So now that costume is done in barely anytime at all, I decide we should have a game for the reveal...
Using some craft foam boards I cut out and glued together the "Super Super Computer" that Whyatt uses. And hot-glued a question mark to a pencil for the "Why Writer". A post-it note on the screen will let us change the "super story answer" each time we play. I know, makes no sense if you haven't seen the show. Basically you need to find the letters to solve the clue.
 I took the foam letters from the bathtub to spell out the clue
Almost enough to make Kali crawl!
We hid the letters in the playroom and when Logan came home from school he knew just what to do! He counted how many letters he needed to find and then went hunting for them.
He really liked this. We've played treasure hunts before but with post-it notes or with plastic eggs.
 Once we got all the letters I wrote them into the "Super Duper Computer" and then Logan lined them up the way I wrote them.
 Logan at three years old knows most of his letters and phonics sounds but we haven't really put it together in a lesson before. This was his first time really going through the process of how you sound out a word...

And off he went to find his surprise!
This was a big hit. Logan asked for another round,  so I hid some more letters and he sounded out "Bath" before we got ready for bed. I'm pretty sure this is a game we'll be playing more often. Way more fun then sitting at a table trying to sound out letters!

Linking up to "Link and Learn"  and TipJunkie

UPDATE: Logan now has a Super Why costume so he can help solve even more "super big problems"!

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Rayla said...

You are AWESOME!! Thanks for the wonderful craft ideas for Super Why stuff!!! My daughter, Adalyn, is 22 months and absolutely LOVES LOVES LOVES Super why!! She knows all of the letters of the alphabet already, and I credit a lot of it to this show!!Super Why is going to be the theme of her 2nd BD party at the end of October!! I have already made her some magnets of the characters by copying some great images of the 4 main characters onto cardstock & using double sided tape to put magnets on the back of them, she loves them! Thanks so much for all the ideas!!

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