Sunday, September 25, 2011

Easy Super Why Costume

Letter recognition, letter sounds and sounding out words is great fun at our house!
Logan has been enjoying the Super Why Phonics game that I made for him. So we put together a Super Why costume for Logan too -here's what he's suppose to look like...
So not exactly Halloween worthy but great for around the house role-playing. All you need is:
1 green t-shirt
1 long sleeve blue shirt
1 pair of blue shorts
1 pair of green pants
1 adult  blue shirt for the cape (just use this no-sew tutorial)
Some felt for the eye mask

Logan did point out that he was missing a yellow belt but was overall extremely happy with wearing this. Now both him and Woofster have super costumes!

Logan is very happy to sound out words and solve "super duper problems" around our house.
Here he is with Grandpa figuring out the clue to where Grandma left a surprise for him!

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