Sunday, June 27, 2010

Friday at IKEA

Friday after work we headed off to IKEA -my old work place when I was in University. It worked well -we just skipped the bath at night and when we got home just past his normal bedtime, Logan went into his pj and straight to bed. "Dip, dip, dip"
Logan loves his ketchup!
Showing off his hop-scotch skills
"This one" Logan picks out his big boy bed; we didn't have room in the car to buy it on this trip. It's pretty neat though --when he's older, you flip it around and it's a bunk bed on top and a little play area underneath.
Logan picked out a few birthday gifts for his girlfriend, Kayla. He also picked out this ridiculous hat for himself. Luckily we got him to take it off before we got to the cash. We did buy the dog, which he named Barky.

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